EP Virus

by Unsolved Case

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released May 13, 2018




Unsolved Case Czechia

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Track Name: Liptone
What is fair
What is bad
Dirty purity
Clean dirt

What is fair
What is bad
The side
against the side

What is fair
What is bad
Dirty purity
Clean dirt

What is fair
What is bad
Stand up straight
or just give up

It started from nothing
One big peace
One big place
For all all

where we are?

Arrests, the law
poison our life
Fuck the might
Fuck your prosperity
There's no turning back
Better to be alone

Without the hope
Without the way-out
But do not forget
You hold the hammer of justice

You hold the hammer of justice

Tell me where we are?
Track Name: Hate
Fuck the hate
Try to destroy it
World is full
Of this shit
Just don't be
The fool
Work on values
That you dont have
To be ashamed
Someone was swallowed

Oh why
Why are you living in hate
We are the people
One day
we will be in mass grave
It's called Mother Earth
We are the same

Many people think
The world is
One big battleground
But it's our home
Fuck to progress
Fuck the flags
We need to stick tight

So take my hand

Fake view
Fake thoughts
Fake reasons
Fake goals
Fake life
Track Name: Enemy
Where it will stop?
We dunno the top
Our only enemy
We are
It's only in the head
To make the quick change

You're not alone
We live together
In the shadows

It's not too late
Find the needle
In the hay

Prisoners of life
Servants of death
Positive mind
Black days
Believe yourself
Ignore leaders
Make a wish
Take a chance
Get up!
Stay calm
Open your eyes
Crush the lines
Support your friends
Make a sense
It's only in the head
Track Name: Survive
Another day
Another misery
We slept too long
With satisfaction
It can not be
All the time


Infected spirit
Damaged ground
We just wanted to take
But this ends
Future will show us
Who is right


Try to survive

Our life
Is ignition
The water flows
Who needs us
We only parasites
Track Name: Virus
You will not stop..

You will not stop evolution
The cards are on the table
We are digging our own grave
Syndrom of virus on the mind

What happens when nothing remains
Will we parasite on ourselves?
Chaos and violence will begin
This is the truth about human race

Wasted water
Tons of unnecessary clothing
Cars that no one drives
The meat we dont need

The trees our gone
Money instead of paper
Abandoned buildings

Welcome to the future

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